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Additions to Bulletin
Additions to the Bulletin


- The Sonic Warfare DVD shown at the church on Friday night is available on youtube.com as a 13-part series or for purchase for $6.00 online from weimar. Those who came and saw it said that it was fantastic and a must-see!

Is music just a matter of personal preference or is some music actually harmful? In this DVD, Ivor Myers, Senior Pastor of the Templeton Hills SDA church, explains how music can be more than meets the ear. Pastor Myers draws on his background as a former hip hop artist to explain differences in music, and how to quickly recognize music that might be harmful. The presentation includes real examples of music for demonstration purposes and may not be suitable for young children.

This presentation was filmed at the Weimar and Amazing Facts Health and Evangelism Convocation in June, 2009.

For your convenience, Part 1 from YouTube is shown below. It can take up to about 30 seconds to load before you can view.

Watch the rest of the 13-part segments directly from YouTube:

Part 2 YouTube Sonic Warfare - Ivor Myers

Part 3 YouTube Sonic Warfare - Ivor Myers

Part 4 YouTube Sonic Warfare - Ivor Myers

Part 5 YouTube Sonic Warfare - Ivor Myers